How to safely use fiber laser marking machine – Catherine

How to safely use fiber laser marking machine

The laser of the fiber laser marking machine is an invisible light that cannot irradiat to the skin and eyes. During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and laser marking the product according to the operating specifications. How to safely use fiber laser marking machine?

When the fiber laser marking machine is working, it is very dangerous if the fault occurs. The novice must train by the professional to operate independently. How to operate the fiber laser marking machine safely? Anf here is the introduction:

1. Persons using cardiac pacemakers should not close to the equipment.

The laser marking machine will generate a magnetic field during operation, which will affect the normal operation of the pacemaker.

2. Do not look at or touch the beam (whether or not using protective glasses).

Do not touch the laser or diffuse reflection laser output from the equipment and other parts of the body. Otherwise it may cause blindness or burns;

3. Keep the environment around the equipment dry.

When the equipment is not working, turn off the power and operate the equipment with one hand as much as possible.

4. During the normal operation of the laser, no parts or articles shall be added inside the marking machine.

Do not use the marking system with the sealing cover open;

5. Do not place liquid containers on the chassis and prohibit any water sources from approaching.

6. Do not stack flammable or explosive materials and debris around the machine.

Do not place flammable or explosive materials on the light path or where the laser beam may expose;

7. It is forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble, repair and modify equipment by themselves

8. Non-workers not allow to enter the marking work area;
9. Do not damage the power cord and cable, and immediately turn off the power and stop running when smelling odor;
10. In the event of a fire or explosion, always turn off all power and use carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire;
The fiber laser marking machine does not need any consumables such as ink, so it is a clean, environmentally friendly and economical marking equipment, mainly relying on laser beam to laser engrave on the surface of the product to form a marking process