Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel: Charry

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel.

For now,fiber laser cutting machine,the best one is IPG laser source.

IPG is quite a mouthful brand.

IPG is to cut stainless steel to improve strength, to produce gamma rays, and also as an active laser media.

Firstly,the laser wave length allows the laser energy to be delivered by a fiber optic cable.  This eliminates all the perishable and expensive mirrors in conventional lasers.

Secondly, the fiber laser consumes 1/3 the electric.

Thirdly,the laser beam wave length allows it to cut stainless steel, copper, and aluminum dramatically better than other lasers.  And finally, most importantly, it is fast!  It can process 2-3 times faster than regular lasers, or even more, depending on the application.

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter for steel

In simple terms, the laser machine acts like a giant magnifying glass to concentrate the light energy into a powerful and narrow beam.

The laser cut pieces have advantages over traditional punching since there is not a burr with laser cutting.  MWG utilizes the lasers to produce large fabrications and parts for production welding.

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  • The frequency and power of each machine are different.
  • The driver, motor, laser source, water chiller, and servo driver are the most vital parts inside the cutting machine.
  • If you want accuracy in all your metal cutting endeavors, then gong with a fiber laser cutting machine is the best idea. If you want to measure metal cutting with that of a vernier, then it must be done only with laser.
  • More speed, best accuracy, pipe cutting, low consumption, great versatility, big and compact dimensions you need to notice that when you look for while buying laser cutting machines.
  • You can either choose a multi-mode or single laser as these are the two fiber laser kinds that are found. Think about your laser cutting requirement and choose the one that you think is the best.

Following with one cutting video:

Sharing the cutting samples pictures,SS,CS,Alu,Brass:

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter








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