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Single mode and multi mode of fiber laser cutter, how to choose?


The module composition of the fiber laser is divided into single mode and multi mode.

In the cutting application, the focused spot has a great influence on the quality of the cut.

The core of the single mode laser is relatively thin, and the beam quality is better than the multimode.

Its energy distribution is Gaussian with the highest energy density in the middle, and the three-dimensional map is a sharp mountain peak.

From the perspective of power level, the laser of 1000W or less is mainly due to its low energy.

And the thickness of the main processing material mainly toward the thin plate.

Therefore, the single-mode configuration of the laser within 1KW is in line with the actual market conditions.

And the laser with a power of 1KW or more should be thin and thick.

From the perspective of the entire processing industry, the improvement of processing quality is a rigid requirement and cannot be compromised.

Therefore, many high-power lasers will not consider single-mode, and the processing quality must be the first.

At the same time, the single-mode core is generally thin, meaning that transmiting the same power laser  in it.

And the single-mode core has a larger optical energy load, which is a test for materials.

At the same time, when cutting high-reflection materials, the high-intensity reflected light and superimposed the emitted laser.

If the tolerance of the fiber material is insufficient, it will be very easy to «burn the core», and it is also a challenge to the life of the core material.

Therefore, many laser manufacturers still use multi-mode configurations in the configuration of high-power fiber lasers.


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