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Fiber laser cutting machine six concerning points in typesetting

In the use of fiber laser cutting machine, we will make good drawings import to the program. And then use the graphics typesetting software arranged on a board. This fiber laser cutting machine can batch processing of products. This article is for fiber laser cutting machine six concerning points in typesetting.
Among them, the typesetting process is very short, but there is a lot of knowledge hidden in this. Typesetting a little wrong, it will have a great impact on the cutting effect of the whole board.

Well, the following XT LASER will give you a list of six major matters needing attention in typesetting.

1. Corner melting

When cutting down the corner of the thin steel plate, the laser will melt and turn the corner. A small radius is generated at the corner to maintain the high speed cutting of the laser. Avoiding the phenomenon of overheating and melting of the steel plate at the cutting corner. So as to obtain good cutting quality, reduce cutting time and increase productivity.

2. Part spacing

In general, cutting thick plate and hot plate, the distance between parts is larger. Because the plate heat has a greater impact, in cutting corner sharp corners and small graphics. Easy to burn edge, affecting the quality of cutting.

3. Lead set

In the process of cutting a plate, in order to make cutting the good connection between beginning and end point to prevent burns. Often in the beginning and end of each cutting line caused a period of transition. Respectively called lead and tail and tail. The lead line is of no use to the workpiece itself, it should be arranged in the work scope. And not the lead angle is arranged in the heat dissipation is not easy. The connecting wires with cutting adopts the arc transition. So that the machine moving smoothly and avoid the pause caused by burn angle.

4. Common edge cutting

The two or more parts of a common edge into a combination of large quantities of regular graphics as much as possible edge. Common edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time, but also save raw materials.

5. Parts collision

To maximize the production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment are 24h continuous operation. And the use of automatic unattended operation / unloading device. Hit the complete cut tipping parts caused by cutting head damage and production interruption, bring greater losses.

It’s time for sorting:

1) Select the appropriate cutting path, bypass the cut parts, reduce collisions.
2) Selecting the best cutting route to reduce the cutting time.
3) Automatic or manual combination of several small parts with tiny connection. After cutting, the parts can be disconnected easily.

6. Surplus material processing

After cutting the parts, the skeleton residual material on the worktable of the fiber laser cutting machine needs to be removed as soon as possible. So as to facilitate the subsequent cutting operation. For laser cutting equipment without automatic unloading device, the skeleton can be cut into small pieces to facilitate quick removal. Thus, the operator can avoid personal injury caused by moving heavy and sharp edges.

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