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Small working area fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine,could cut different materials, such as : stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, etc.

Different manufacturers may design different model to meet their customer needs.

The common working area is 1500*3000mm, even larger than it.

However, there are some customers who prefer the small working area cause the space or budget limited.

Besides, their products may be not too large, so the large space is  not necessary.

What kind of working area we could provide?

In our company, we design a 5040 working area cutting machine, enclosed type.

It is popular in the market. Here we will do some introduction about that.

1.The basic specification of small working area fiber laser cutting machine

The XTC-F5040  Fiber 500w laser cutting system, equipped with a Raytools/Others optional cutting head.

All construction sub-units, such as fiber laser resonators, CNC (C Computer Numeric Control) controls, program software, handling equipment, etc.

They are supplied by world class quality manufacturers and/or are made and developed by XT.

XT  assumes total and overall responsibility for the equipment.

small working area cutting machine

There are some different points between the common fiber laser cutting machine and the small working area machine.

First of all, the driving way.

Our large working area is 1500*3000mm, the driving way is dual drive.

The 1530 working area is rack and pinion, PMI brand.

For the small working area, it is ball screw, the accuracy may be higher.

ball screw parts of fiber laser cutting machine

Secondly, it is the working table.

For this small working fiber laser cutting machine, the working table is granite.

This material could increase the stability, so that improving the cutting accuracy.

fiber laser cutting machine tabke

2.Some parameter for the cutting machine

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Laser wavelength 1070-1080 nm
Cutting area 500×400(mm)
Z-axis path 120 mm
Machine tolerance ± 0.05 mm/m
Repetition tolerances ± 0.03 mm
Maximum support weight of the table About 1200kg
X,Y-axis location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis idle moving speed 80 m/min
Max cutting speed ≤45m/min
Requisite voltage: 3x400V / 3x480V
Maximum voltage tolerance: +6% / -10%

If u are interested in this small working area machine, pls contact with me:

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