How we choose the suitable laser marking machine?-Jary

How we know the machine is suitable for us

How to choose the suitable laser marking machine?

Firstly we should know what materials we will process.

Such as some metal or plastic.  Let’s take the stainless steel as an example.

We choose a suitable fiber laser marking machine by our requirements, marking on stainless steel, the best choice is the fiber laser machine.

This requires us to know the function of some machines.

After choosing the type of machine, we are about to confirm the machine, 20W,30W or 50W. If we don’t need deep engraving, 20W is enough.

But with the development of the laser industry, cost reduction, 30W becomes the better choice of more people with high-cost performance.

20w: Marking on the surface of the metal, such as we want mark the logo or brand on our own products.

Normally, we recommend 20 power for customer.

30w: It has high efficiency, and can do deep engraving on the materials. So, that is another requirement from the customer.

If we confirmed the this shape with customer, we know the power is 30 at least.

50w: More efficiency and more deep engraving. It can be regarded as upgraded 30w machine. But at this powet, it can cut

some materials, such as 1.5mm copper gold, 1mm silver and aluminum etc.

At last, we need choose the right machine by our specific requirement.

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