The Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ⅲ-Control system- Sophia

The Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ⅲ

The Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-control system

The control system is the dominant operating system of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Then it mainly controls the machine tool to realize the movement of the X, Y and Z axes.

And it also controls the output power of the laser.

Its quality determines the stability of the operation performance of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Through the precise control of the software, that can effectively improve the accuracy and cutting effect.

At present, there Bochu system numerical control system, the PIC system numerical control system, and they commonly use the PA8000 system.

PIC system, which belongs to the older board control system.

Although the control system is old, it belongs to the complete Kaiyuan system.

Bochu system is a laser cutting machine system developed by domestic personnel for the domestic market.

Then, it is a non-closed-loop opening element system.

It develops below 2000W.

It has the many advantages like the simple operation and rich functions in the use of laser cutting machine within 1000W.

And most domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers in laser cutting machines of less than 1000W widely use them.

Then after years of upgrading and experimentation, it is currently a stable system configuration of laser cutting machines within 1000W.

PA8000 system, PA system is an open CNC system (CNC) based on PC technology.

Open CNC technology represents the cutting-edge technology in the field of CNC in the world.

Last, many famous automation companies all over the world  has adopted its advanced technology.


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