Thick metal fiber laser cutting;Charry

Thick metal fiber laser cutting

Thick metal fiber laser cutting.

As industrial production needs change, laser cutting has become more and more popular.

Laser cutting machine is considered to be an important means to promote the upgrading of traditional industries.But it still faces a huge bottleneck of insufficient application and backward core technology.

Especially in the process of cutting metal slabs, the cutting speed will be significantly slowly.

And the reproducibility of the slits is not good enough to compete with conventional techniques.

If the laser cutting machine can overcome the difficulties in the thick plate cutting process, there will undoubtedly be a greater market prospect.

Carbon steel plate perforation problem.

In the processing of thick plates, the perforation time accounts for a large proportion. Laser manufacturers have developed rapid perforation technology, which is more representative of high-energy perforation (deep holes). The advantage of this method is that it is fast.

However, the drawback is that the enormous energy injected during the perforation causes the temperature of the sheet to rise,which in turn affects the subsequent overall cutting process and affects the processing of small shapes.

With a small power pulse for perforation, the time is very long (12 seconds).Which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of cutting and an increase in unit cost.

Cutting surface quality problem.

Figure 1. and Figure 2. show the cutting section that is often encountered when processing medium-thick plates. Such cutting is not only affect the quality of product, but also with over-burning and severe slag, so that it does not reflect high prices.

The value of laser processing machines is different from other cutting methods.

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