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Thin metal fiber laser cutting

Thin metal fiber laser cutting.

With the development of metal processing industry, fiber laser cutting machine has been recognized as one of the fastest processing methods for metal sheet processing. Its high flexibility, low cost, simple operation and high efficiency have been widely used by processing enterprises. Now let’s take a look at the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine processing metal sheet.

Fiber laser cutting machine processing sheet.

Firstly. Safe processing.

For fiber laser cutting machine, it belongs to non-contact processing.

which solves the defects of traditional metal processing to deform the mechanical pressure generated by the workpiece.

And does not have any wear on the instrument and the workpiece. Coating and surface treatment have a good cutting effect.

Seconldy. Saving resources.

Due to the high dressing ability of laser cutting and the change of demand for production capacity, the processed workpieces do not require further processing (polishing, deburring, finishing, etc.), which saves further in terms of production. Labor costs and processing costs have greatly improved production efficiency.

Thirdly. Low-cost processing.

Fiber laser cutting machine is faster than other cutting equipment, the cost of use is only cheaper than traditional equipment, and the fiber laser can also reduce the use of lenses, greatly reducing production and maintenance costs.

Fourthly. High flexibility, fiber laser cutting machine does not require mold opening and manual operation, which can save a lot of money in production cost. Another point, metal laser cutting machine can cut various complicated graphics, only need to input the drawings into Control the console, the machine will automatically process the desired graphics.

Finally. Environmentally friendly processing, fiber cutting machine processing less waste, low noise, clean, safe, non-polluting, greatly improving the working environment.
It is precisely because of the unique advantages of fiber lasers that it will accelerate its expansion in the global laser cutting market and become the most advantageous metal processing tool.

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