Tips of how to choose metal laser marker on B2B platform

Tips of how to choose metal laser marker on B2B platform

Nowadays, many overseas clients choose to find the reliable suppliers on B2B platform, such as Alibaba, Made in China or from official internet directly. By taking advantage of these platforms, overseas purchasers try to find the good seller with high quality. While how to tell from the best provides among them, is very important for every clients.

The followings are the normal three steps when clients go through these platform for metal laser marker

Firstly, when going through these products, some questions will be puzzled them. Because all machine seems with the same outlook, and all machine is same, how the price can be so difference?

Secondly, some suppliers are the direct manufacturer, while some are the trading company or reseller. How can the trading company’s price is lower than direct manufacturer?

The following two tips can give u the answer.

Tip 1 Why there is so much price difference?

Under the same machine, how can they be so much different? I believe this will be the first confusion for most of new buyers for laser marker. It is because the B2B platform. These is no price range restriction for sellers, so sellers can write any price, some even the 0 USD, in order to attract the buyers’ attention. Secondly, as we all know that in China, quality is dependent on price. If price is too low, so the quality will be lowered accordingly. You can imagine what products’ you will get in future. What’s more, some trading company only sell the machine without the ability of providing the after-sale service.

Tip 2 Why trading company’s price is lower than the reseller and trading company

In these business platform, you will find the price difference. Even some clients know the difference between trading company and direct manufacturer, they still feel puzzled.

The reason is that there are different configuration level. As the direct manufacturer, we will offer the the highest configuration level with good clilents’ feedback. While for some trading company, in order to attract clients with low price, their configuration must be so low that they can get some profits.


Hoping the above info can be helpful for u.


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