Today I made a super brass laser cutting machine test for gold and silver cutting fields – Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients doing jewelry business, will choose the fiber laser marking machine. It can cut and mark simultaneously. Only only in cutting stainless steel and carbon steel cutting, fiber laser marking  machine could also cut high reflective materials such as silver. Silver cutting is widely used in Jewelry industry. The cutting effect is quite perfect.

Why brass laser cutting machine is so popular in jewelry fields?

With the traditional gold and silver cutting fields, most of them, use the manual cutting by hand, which is with low cutting efficiency. What’s more, some old jeweller, will also draw the cutting pictures by hand gradually. Thus, both the cutting finalized effects and cutting efficiency can not be guaranteed.

Nowadays, many jewelry purchaser will choose to use the fiber laser marking machine in gold and silver cutting.One the one hand, this machine’s purchasing cost is too more economical.  One the other hand, this machine is with the software, this software can support many formats – DXF, AI,  and so on. The cutting paper will not be limited. In additional, cutting 0.5mm brass will needs 40 minutes. While using 30w, only 5 minutes are okay.

Seeing the following cutting effects by brass laser cutting machine:

Brass cutting by 30w
Brass cutting by 30w











What’s more, many of our machine are used in the brass laser cutting machine fields.  We also got many clients, who can cut the gold and silver in the clients’ field.

Here are some clients’ feedback, just for your reference

fiber laser engravin gmachine

















Many our clients will also choose this metal laser cutting machine for inside and outside ring engraving machine. With this rotary device for round surface, it can make the inside and outside ring easily. You can see the following pictures, the ring can be fixed according to the diameters adjustment. Many our clients use this machine with good effects. We are so appreciated that our clients make such wonderful work by our brass laser cutting machine field.

rotary device