Touch pannel fiber laser marking machine-Sara

Touch pannel fiber laser marking machine

Let us start with the working principle of fiber laser marking machine.

What is fiber laser function ? Fiber laser beam can get permanent marks.  On all metal and some nonmetal surface.

Like ss, MS, brass, aluminum, film coatings, ABS, etc. Normally area should be within 300mm. But we also have larger area customized.

For deeper engraving on metal surface. We have 30w and 50w can do. But the area should be within 110mm.



There are mainly 7 kinds of laser machines.  First is  Lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine.

Also Semiconductor pumped laser marking machine. Fiber and CO2 laser marking machine.

Mopa laser marking machine.  UV laser marking machine. Green laser marking machine.

Green laser is cold laser. Mopa has bigger function than fiber laser. UV laser has stronger function than mopa laser.

Among them, fiber laser marking machine is the most popular one.


So now i would like to introduce you one new model of 2018. Touch pannel fiber laser marking machine.

This is our new model recently. Same components as the normal one. But has updated to touch pannel.

Can be more convinent for users.

It equips with newest laser technology and touch screen. It will extend the using life of laser machine.  And it will become easier to control.

More details will be updated soon. Your bookmark will be the biggest encourage for me.

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