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Fiber laser cutting machine for tube & pipe

Fiber laser cutting machine, which is becoming more and more popular among these years,so does the tube fiber laser cutting machine.

More and more people choose this cutting machine to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and precious metal etc.

The reasons why people prefer this machine are as follows:

It is environmental friendly,do not cause any pollution at all.
The cutting outcome is fine, the edge is clear.
The power is high, which could save much time.
Besides , it also has many other advantages.

But it seems that few of people learn about the tube fiber laser cutting machine.

It is also popular among these years cause there are many tube manufacturer in the world.

And they need this kind of machine to help them finish the work.

1.The important question need ask for tube fiber laser cutting machine

These days I met with a customer from Czech ,he ask for the tuber fiber laser cutting machine.

His material and thickness is various,and the shape is of variety.

In this situation, we must assure those questions as below:

 What is your products material? carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium?
what is the length of your products? 3m or 6m?
What is the diameter ?We have standard rotary diameter of 160mm, could this meet your demands?
What is the thickness of the tube?

The maximum length of our machine could reach 6m.

fiber laser tube cutting machine

As for the chuck, our chuck area could reach 0-200m.

We have manual chuck,electronic chuck as well as pneumatic chuck.

Customer could choose different chuck according to their own needs.

pneumatic chuck photo

2.The main parts of tube fiber laser cutting machine

2.1 The European CE standard production

2.2 Working area: Diameter 160mm, max. Length 6m

2.3 Laser type: China Raycus 750W Fiber laser generator; Raytools laser cutting head.

2.4 Water-cooling system: water chiller made in China, Tongfei brand.

2.5 Transmission type: Rack and pinion, Taiwan YYC series helical rack.

2.6 Motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor driving, W1/ W1800w, X 850w, Z 400W.

2.7. Reducer: Japan Shimpo

2.8 Control system: China Bochu CNC control system, CYPTUBE software.

2.9 Rail: Taiwan HIWIN square rails.

2.10 Dust hood for X axis and Y axis, and laser head.

2.11 Voltage regulator.

3.Some cutting samples

tube cutting samplepipe cutting samples

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