tube plate fiber laser cutting machine-Sara

tube plate fiber laser cutting machine

tube plate fiber laser cutting machine

XT laser has One solution for both plate and tube metal.

If you have both tube and plate to cut. Then XT LASER may be your good choice. Because we have one machine model.

The tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine. Can provide you both solution in one machine. You just need spend on one.

Solve both tube and sheet cutting .

tube plate fiber laser cutting machine-Work requirment

When choose the fiber laser cut machine.  First, you need to confirm what work to do.

For both plate and tube. Like the cutting thickness. The plaste size how large. Normally we have 1500mm*3000mm.

And the tube we have 20mm-215mm. The min diameter we can do about 20mm. The max we can do is about 215mm.

We have both manual and auto claw. You can choose either one.

Also the length can be choose. We have 3m and 6m model.

After you confirm the thickness . You can confirm the machine power. We have 500w to 4000w for now.

But waht kind of laser to choose? We have IPG, Raycus, and N-Light. N-Light is for high reflective material. Like aluminum and brass.