Unique advantage of 50 watt fiber laser marking machine – Jennifer

50 watt fiber laser marking machine is one of the biggest application in the laser processing technology fields. It has the unique strength than silk-screen, pressing, and electro corrosion. What’s more, in the real application field, it’s advantage is quite clear.

The major showing forms are listed as below:

Firstly,  high reliable in the 50 watt fiber laser marking machine. The marking format, letter, series number, clear. And it belongs to the non-touching processing, so the whole processing items will keep original and unbroken.

Secondly,  computer-drawing, composing with high science. In the computer system, it can finish all the images.

Thirdly,  anti-counterfeiting performance is high in the 50 watt fiber laser marking machine. It can customize many colors. It can make sure that your products will not be faked & copied. More and more best-selling products can get.

Fourth. High marking speed in the fiber laser marking machine. Shortening using time for one unit item. It will enhance the manufacturing efficiency. More orders can be gotten in the long term using this metal laser marking machine .

Fiveth. High precision, high beautiful outlook products by fiber laser marking machine. It is ornamental performance is strong. CNC fiber laser metal marking machine is with the high marking accuracy & high good-looking products. In the final products, it will enhance the products’ effects.

Sixth, Multi-usage in many different application in the cnc metal laser cutting machine. Many fields can use this fiber laser marking machine. Logo marking, series number engraving, metal tag, customized gifts using, and so on. Clients have the high satisfaction in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine.

Lastly, more clients will use this fiber laser marking machine in many fields. Iphone fonts marking, dog tag marking, logo printing, customized presents and so on.

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