How to use fiber laser cutting machine-Karina

 Fiber laser cutting machine‘s specific operation process

1.First of all,when operate fiber laser cutting machine observe the safe operating procedures of the universal cutting machine. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser start-up procedure.

2.Secondly,We need to train operators before use fiber laser cutting machine. Be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment. Master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

3.Wear protective equipment as needed and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements of the laser beam.

4.Therefore, do not dispose of the material before laser irradiation or heating to avoid the potential hazards of smoke and steam.

5.When the equipment is activated.And the operator is not allowed to leave the position or person in charge. If you need to stop, stop or turn off the power switch.

6.Place the fire extinguisher on your fingertips.And turn off the laser or shutter when not in use.Don’t place paper, cloth.Or other flammable materials near unprotected laser beams.

7.Identify anomalies during processing and immediately stop and troubleshoot or report to qualified personnel in a timely manner.

8.Keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding area clean, tidy and free of oil. Stack workpieces, plates and scrap as needed.

9.The use and transportation of gas cylinders should be in accordance with the cylinder inspection procedure and do not expose the cylinder to sunlight or heat. When opening the bottle valve.And the operator must stand on the side of the bottle.

10.Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1000 hours of operation or every six months of maintenance, in accordance with regulations and procedures.

11.In conclusion,after starting the machine and start the machine in the low speed X and Y directions to check for any abnormalities.

Now fiber laser cutting machine is play an important role in our life.

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