Use and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting machine in the classification of mechanical belong to high-tech large machines.  maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

This machine at the time of purchase price is very high.

In the process of using professional requirements for technical staff is also very high.

So we in the process of using mechanical must often for mechanical processing and maintenance.

so as to prolong the service life of mechanical today let’s talk about using and maintenance of the mechanical skills.

First, keep the steel belt tight at all times.

Steel strip in the operation of laser cutting machine has played a very important role in the transmission.

And the material of the this kind of steel strip it belongs to the steel,

The steel in the process of use, if not taut.

Could easily lead to be cut and be left out of orbit, and even the phenomenon of steel belt and slip may be produced.

So the threat to the safety of the staff had a great.

so no matter when and where, must keep the steel strip is in a state of tension.

As to the safety of construction personnel play a protective role.

Second, check the Angle of the tool frequently.

Because in the components of the optical fiber laser cutting machine.

The most important parts is cutting machine.

if there’s a certain deviation in the Angle of the cutter, then in the process of cutting will easily lead to the precision of cutting items finally not so accurate.

Thirdly, it is often used to dust the machine.

Due to the laser cutting machine in cutting goes directly to the metal surface evaporation.

So on the surface of cutting machine and internal often can produce a lot of dust,.

We should often will use vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, so as to ensure the mechanical spotless.

between the internal parts in this way can ensure parts between can normal operation.

Fourth, the parts should be lubricated frequently.

We need to lubricate the rack.

Guide rail and many parts of the cutting machine at irregular intervals so that they can ensure that the gears are properly occluded in operation.
In this way, the mechanical operation will be in the normal running track

And the precision of the cutting will be higher.

We except to do daily maintenance of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

When we buy mechanical parts to the strict inspection, so that you can from the source to eliminate the mechanical damage.
At the same time if found in the use of mechanical process of any damage of the parts and components must be replaced in time.

so is itself a kind of mechanical protection, 2 will also can guarantee the ideal cutting effect of laser cutting machine.
Only after the above two points can we extend the service life of this cutter.