5.using environment condition and influence to laser cutting machine-Ella

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1.Use Environment Condition of Laser Cutting Machine

Power supply specifications: Three-phase five wire 380V 50Hz;
The host total power load: 15KVA
Laser source and water chiller: 5KVA(500W laser power)
Quality of power supply: Three-phase imbalance degree <2.5%, Line voltage fluctuation<5%
Ground protection: lathe bed touch ground, at the side of lathe bed,make ground piles.

Or connect lathe bed with ground line of power supply, resistance of ground protection is <4Ω
Environment needs good ventilation, no dust, no corrosion, no pollution
Installation of the foundation need no big vibration nearby, make viration-proof furrow.
Laser source need to be installed under 20ºC environment (See manual of laser source when using)
Water chillers are special fixture that offer recycling water for laser source,QBH,lens of laser cutting head .

The water must be purified water or distilled water.
In order to avoid fire, factory need to have fire extinguisher and preserve special path for putting out fire.
Distance between factory wall and left and right side of laser machines should be more than 1.2 meters.

Rear of laser source should be more than 1.5m away from factory wall;

water chiller and air compressor can be put outside factory, but keep it within 4 m away from laser source.
Control unit, servo motors,screens and control board are core components of lathe bed,

need high requirement of environment.

Prevent lathe bed from interference of electromagnetic wave,

such as ac welding and discharge machines, in order to keep machine working normally

2.Laser Cutting Machine Effect of environment and energy.

a)Fiber laser cutting machine laser source is fiber laser generator,

it will give out waste gas when cutting, some of gas are harmful.

So when cutting these special materials, need to deal with the waste gas and then give out into air.
b) This fiber laser source is category 4 ,laser beam is harmful to human boy,

especially to eyes. Workers need to protect themselves, also should prevent fire.