Voltage of fiber laser cutting machine: Charry

Voltage of fiber laser cutting machine

Voltage of fiber laser cutting machine

Voltage of fiber laser cutting machine

Yesterday,one of my customers asked about the voltage.Cause their machine voltage is different as Chinese.

I think that there are too many customers local voltage is different.

So you can check as below.

Our standard fiber laser cutting machine voltage is 380v,3 phase,50hz or 60hz.

But it doesn’t mean its the only voltage.After all there are too many countries.

For example,Indian is 415V, USA 280V, 405V,etc,but all of them are no problem.

We will set one stabilizer to you, that will help you to make sure our machine can be used in your local voltage.

And one more thing,today i heard one new word: 4 wires. maybe you also do not know about it.So if your local voltage also 4 wires,you need to let us know the details.

For the 4 wires,our engineers also know about it,but they need to make sure it.

What type of the 4 wires?its three-phase four-wire system?That means 3 wires are 3 phase, and the rest one is neutral wire.Is it?

If it is, could you let me know the voltage between the two 3 phase wires? and the voltage between the 3 phase wire and neutral wire?
Then when we come to your factory,our engineers will know how to get it connecting.

Fiber laser cutting machine main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption, can cut stainless steel plate within 12MM carbon steel plate.It is the fastest laser cutting machine in these three kinds of machines, thin slitting, good spot quality.

Main Market Positioning: Cutting below 12mm, especially high-precision machining of thin plates, mainly aimed at manufacturers with high requirements for accuracy and efficiency

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