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     What can fiber laser cutting machine do for home appliance

What can fiber laser cutting machine do for home appliance ?

Home appliances is the necessities of modern family life, it make people out  from heavy, trivial, time-consuming chores.

for human,it create more beautiful and comfortable, convenient and quick, more conducive to the physical and mental health of living

also for working environment, and provides a rich and colorful cultural . in the last , it entertainment people’s lives.

so  with the development of modern science and technology.

the traditional processing technology of the home appliance industry is constantly transforming and upgrading.

and each enterprises use the latest technology to make their own brands

To help them promoting sales.
Among them.

due to  the metal laser cutting machine is one of the most popular way ,  as to processing metal processing industry.

Sso in the home appliance manufacturing it not only  improve processing quality, but also optimize the product appearance

In the home appliance industry, the metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting and processing of thin steel plate parts.

in the appearance sheet metal parts ,also  with  the installation of complete sets of electrical..


What can fiber laser cutting machine do for home appliance

First ,It widely used in Air conditioning metal fittings, metal cover cutting. and also the Microwave oven metal heat sink cutting, cutting hole.

Second  .The refrigerator bottom or back heat sink net plate cutting, punching. 4. ashing machine thin sheet metal shell, metal control panel cutting, marking. 5.Cutting and perforating of cigarette machine metal guide plate. 6.Kitchen sinks cutting and  punching

Third is In the electrical products, the metal sheet metal processing parts accounted for almost 30% of all the products.

What can fiber laser cutting machine do for home appliance?

Traditional blanking, cutting Angle, opening and trimming are backward.

So it  directly affect product quality and production cost.
Also  laser cutting machine has the flexibility of traditional processing methods in separating and processing precision.

because of its USES is «no contact processing».

so it no need for mold making and costs, processing graphics made by software, design diversity.
Therefore, laser cutting technology can effectively improve product quality.

not only  reduce production cost, reduce labor intensity

but also improve traditional plate processing technology, and bring better production benefits to manufacturers.


The advantage  of fiber laser cutting machine

1.High rigidity heavy machine tool, that can help  reduce the vibration during high speed cutting;
2. Double-drive structure of longmen, gear and rack drive system improve the production efficiency of customers;
3. High performance Manganese steel gantry , through finite element analysis, achieve high accelerated arc cutting;
4. Full closed-loop laser cutting control system and auto focus function, with high speed perforation and automatic searching;
5. After cutting, it can be directly welded and sprayed to reduce operating costs and increase profits.
6. lat but not least Equipped with full protective cover and exchange platform to protect operators’ safety and improve work efficiency.


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what can fiber laser cutting machine do for home appliance