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XTC-F1530 fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet

For cutting machine for metal sheet,most customers will have a visiting of the factory between the purchasing.

Thats really necessary.

As a professional machine factory,will help you to find one suitable machine.

Besides the main machine configurations,you should also focus on the machine body.

Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine

Sharing the difference between the metal sheet welding lathe bed and the square tube welding lathe bed

The weight of the lathe bed:

square tube welding lathe bed 2.6 MT
metal sheet welding lathe bed 3.3 MT

The heavier lathe bed with a great stability,when cutting, it will not has much shaking,the cutting speed and cutting precision will better.

Cross beam

square tube welding lathe bed Cast Iron cross beam
metal sheet welding lathe bed Aluminum cross beam

The aluminum cross beam are integrated,with higher precision when with a higher cutting speed.



The cast iron cross beam link two part into one beam,the precision will be lower.


But the Aluminum is easy to change shape,cause the dentity of the Aluminum is smaller than iron,if you want one Aluminum cross beam,the most important is to notice its thickness,must more than 16mm is okay,or else the cross beam will easy to change the shape,the machine life span time will be reduced.

The guide rail,rack and pinion:


Fixed parts:

The metal sheet welding lathe bed has the block to fix the guide rail to avoid changing the shape.metal cutting fiber laser

According to the comparison,the metal sheet laser welding lathe bed with a higher stability,precision,when cutting,the cutting effect will be better than the usual square pipe welding lathe bed.

So when you have a visiting of the factory before your decision,its better to confirm the lathe bed is also great,can meet your cutting precision and stand the higher cutting speed,the heavier material.

Sharing the cutting videos by our testing department:



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