XTLASER-Customer Questions of Fiber Laser Cutting-Ella

customer questions about fiber laser cutting machine
customer questions about fiber laser cutting machine

1.Azerbaijan plate and sheet laser cutting machine

customer questions about fiber laser cutting machine

(1)Could you please advise what is the main differences between Fanuc and Raycus?

How often do they need servicing? what is the cost of servicing?


1.Firstly,Fanuc is a Japan brand of control system, it’s a kind of operation software.

Usually much more expensive than others.
In fact,more than 95% China suppliers of laser cutting machine choose CYPCut system.

It’s China best operation system with stable performance.

2. Secondly,as we all know, laser source is the core part of laser cutting machine.
Raycus is China best laser source with much lower failure rate than other laser source.
There are China Max, China Raycus and Germany IPG three main laser source in current market.
But we never use Max, it has higher failure rate and not stable as Raycus.

3.Thirdly,about the service of laser source and cost:
The life time of our Raycus laser source is 100000 hours and we offer 3 years guarantee.
In the warranty period,if it breaks down or some parts damaged (except the human factors),

we are responsible for repairing for free.

the parts will be provided from seller for free(except the consumables).

4.Fourth,You have no need to worry about the maintenance of machine,

because the consumables of laser machine are much fewer than other cnc machine,like punching machine.
If you need extra service or trainning of machine, we will send engineers to your factory and teach you.