What does XTLASER fiber laser cutter bring for u-Angelina

What does XTLASER fiber laser cutter bring for u

With the development of the fiber laser cutter industry, the price of the machine become lower.

In this situation, more and more foreign customers would like to cooperate with the Chinese company.

There are so many manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machine in different cities.

So how could the agent choose a best one from them?

This passage we would tell u why choose XTLASER being your reliable supplier.

1.The service for fiber laser cutter

1.5 Years warranty policy.

As u know, more and more people in China begin to enter the fiber laser cutter market.
And the price&spec of the machine from different supplier will be no too much difference.
In this situation, the customer would pay more attention to the service.
Our company is the only supplier who could provide the 5 years warranty for customers in the world.
Some suppliers would provide 2/3 years for the machine.
Long time warranty would help save much money in the next days.

2. OEM support

As u know,our cooperation way is flexible very much, we support the OEM.
The agent could not only sell our machine, but also publicize and enlarge their own brand.
besides we could also design the fiber laser cutter machine according to the customer requirements.
Take our Brazil agent for example, we print their company logo on the machine:

fiber laser cutter

This is for Brazil agent, the fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table.
This type machine is popular in the Brazil market.

3.Customer training and installing for free

We could send the engineer to your factory helping training and installing the machine.
Until now we have sent our engineers to different countries, the customer is satisfied with our machine very much!

fiber laser cutting machine

2.More service for the fiber laser cutter

4.The exclusive agent advantages

For the exclusive agents, if we receive the local inquiry from your country, we will not talk with the customer directly.
There will never exists such situation : the supplier competes customers with the agent.
We could promise for this point.
the customer is be transferred to the agent.

5.The support about the exhibition
If there is exhibitions about the machine in your country, our company could also provide the support.
For example, we could provide the technological support for u.

6.Priority scheduling

For the agent machine, our company could help arrange production firstly.
So that it could save much lead time for the agent.

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