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2000w fiber laser cutting machine for aluminium

Fiber laser cutting machine could apply in many metal industries.

Different power could cut different thickness of the material.

For one suck machine, the specification is nearly the same.

Here i want to introduce the application of fiber laser cutting machine to the aluminium industry.

1.What is the specification of fiber laser cutting machine for aluminium?

I think that everyone who need the cutting machine must have a deep understanding about the machine.

For the aluminium cutting, here only one difference in the specification, that is the laser source.

For those customer who ask for aluminium cutting, we usually introduce the nLIGHT  laser source.

There must be people ask  why we equip the nLIGHT laser source for the aluminium cutting?

That is because he aluminium is the high-anti material, when the light beam met with those high-anti material.

There  would be a part of beam come back to the laser source, then injury the laser source, shortening the life time.

2.Some knowledge about nLIGHT laser source

nLight is an American laser company founded in 2000 by Scott Keeney.

The company is privately held and funded by venture capitalfirms.[1]

It has headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, and operations in ShanghaiHillsboro, Oregon, and Lohja, Finland.

nLight specializes in diode laser components and systems, fiber laser components and systems, and optical fibers.

Their key markets include materials processing, consumer electronics, and medical and military applications

3.The specification of fiber laser cutting machine

Laser wavelength 1070-1080 nm
Cutting area 1500*3000(mm)
Z-axis path 120 mm
Machine tolerance ± 0.05 mm/m
Repetition tolerances ± 0.03 mm
Maximum support weight of the table About1000kg
X,Y-axis location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis idle moving speed 80 m/min
Max cutting speed ≤45m/min
Requisite voltage: 3x400V / 3x480V
Maximum voltage tolerance: +6% / -10%

The new design machine :

This machine is our new designed  plate welding machine, the weight would be lighter and the strength would be bigger than the normal one.

Besides,it could achieve quicker acceleration speed under the condition of  same motor equipment.


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