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plate and tube cutting machine

Do you need cut both metal plate sheet and tube?  Then the plate and tube laser cutting machine will be the best suitable choice, any details about the tube introduction? For our plate and tube cutting machine for pipe rotating, sharing the machine configurations with you.

The tube cutting capability

For the tube part part, the cutting diameter is 20-100mm. It can cut circular tube, square tube and rectangular tube. There are 3 serve motors and 3 motor reducer. And also, 2 timing belt.

Cutting precision and effect

When cutting, especially for heavy tube cutting. The higher speed of the servo motor will bring shaking to influence the cutting precision. The reducer is the first deceleration, the timing belt is the second deceleration. The two part will make sure the cutting precision and effect.

The chuck

We use the sealed chuck, some factories maybe use the open chuck. But the precision of the open type is just 0.5mm. Our sealed chuck, can reach a higher precision–0.3mm. And most important is that customer need cut different kinds of pipes. Like Round, square, rectangle pipe. The sealed one can fix all the kinds. But the open type only can fix the round pipe.

Rack and pinion

Besides, we use one set of rack and pinion, two sets guide rail to make sure the cutting precision and stability.







The machine bed of the plate and tube cutting machine

1: The weight will be 6.6T, thickness of the wall 18mm;
2: Reasonable structure with large strength;
3: Through the stress-relief annealing structure, it will be more stable and less deformation;
4: 3mm length working table, its parallelism can reach ≤ 0.02mm

Tube machine details video:

If you have any comments or questions about the machine, just let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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