How to adjust the light path of laser cutter +Karina

                                                                  How to adjust light path of laser cutter.


How to adjust light path of laser cutter ,we call the three mirrors mirrors A, B, C,

(1) Adjusting the first light, attach it to the dimming target hole of the mirror A with double-sided adhesive tape.

Manually jog the light, fine-tune the base of the mirror A and the laser. The tube holder is such that the light hits the center of the target hole, and the light don’t block.

(2) The adjustment of the second light, moving the mirror B to the remote, using the cardboard to emit light from near to far.

And guiding the light into the cross light target. Because the remote light is in the target and the proximal end must inside the target.

Then Adjust the near-end and remote spot to consistent, that is, how the near-end bias, and how the remote follow. So that the cross is in the same position in the near        end and the remote spot, that is, near (far) the optical path and the Y-axis guide parallel.

(3) Adjustment of the third light (note: the cross will bisect the spot), move the mirror C to the remote, direct the light into the light target, and shoot at the front end and          the remote end once.

And adjust the position of the cross to be close. The position of the cross in the end spot is the same, indicating that the beam is parallel to the X axis. At this time, if     the  light path is inside or outside. The screws on the frame B should loose or tight until the left and right sides are divide.

(4) Adjusting the fourth light, sticking a masking paper on the light exiting port. Leaving the light hole to leave a circular mark on the adhesive tape, jog the light,               remove the adhesive tape to observe the position of the small hole. Adjust the mirror as appropriate Screw on frame C until the spot is round and straight.

Measuring method of focal length: Using the focal length ruler of our laser cutting machine manufacturer, the nozzle is lift up and down on the number 5 of the focal length scale. At this time, the light is the brightest and strongest, and then the screw is lock.

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