Fiber laser source plays a major role in a fiber laser marking machine-Teresa

Fiber laser source plays a major role in a fiber laser marking machine.

Performance of fiber laser source

1. High power

A multimode pump diode module group can radiate 100 watts optical power. And we can also design a laser source with very high power output.

2. No thermoelectric cooler required

This high-power, wide-faced multimode diode can operate at very high temperatures with minimal air cooling and low cost.

3. Wide pump wavelength

High-power fiber laser has a wide and flat light-wave absorption region(930-970nm). Therefore, pump diodes do not require any type of wavelength stabilization device.

4. Efficient

The pump light passes through the core of the single-mode fiber many times. So it has high utilization.

5. High reliability

Multimode pump diodes are much more stable than single mode pump diodes. Its geometric wide surface makes the optical power density on the cross section of the laser very low. The current density through the active surface is low as well. In this way, the pump diode has a reliable operating life of more than 100,000 hours.

Different brands of fiber laser source

The most widely used fiber laser source in fiber laser marking machine includes IPG, Raycus, Maxphotonics and JPT.

IPG is a German brand and produced in Russia. It has long service life and high stability. But the price is pretty high.

Raycus and Maxphotonics are both Chinese brand. Raycus is in Wuhan and Maxphotonics is in Shenzhen.

Fiber laser marking machine with Raycus laser is the most hot selling machine. Because it is more stable than Maxphotonics.

In the past few years, Raycus occupies a big market. However, since last few years, Maxphotonics has changed their strategy. They cut down their profit to get clients. So you can find that the price of Maxphotonics is much cheaper than Raycus.

JPT laser source is used in MOPA fiber laser marking machine. It is professional in marking black color on anodized aluminum and marking color on stainless steel.

The choice depends on customer’s requirement.

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