30w metal marking engraving laser machine:Charry

30w metal marking engraving laser machine

30w metal marking engraving laser machine.

1.) in the video the laser worksize is 200mm x 200mm?

Yes,cause your size is 146mm,so we use 200*200mm lens to work on this testing.
But actually,your marking content is only the letters,then 110*110mm lens is enough for you.

2.) what are the different between Rraycus and IPG laser, is there some difference in surface / edge after engraving?

From the technology aspect:
The laser beam diameter of IPG is about 6.3nm, Raycus is about 6.6nm,the laser beam will influence the marking edge and surface.
The laser beam is smaller,then the surface is better.From thr theory,it is,but from our eyes to check,it is the same,except we use some microscope to check.

The laser energy of IPG,like 20w,is about o.6mj,for Raycus,is about 0.58mj.The laser energy influence the marking speed and depth.
For example,if you want to do deep enrgaving of 0.5mm on steel, use 20w IPG maybe need 30minutes,Raycus is about 35minutes.
Like 0.1mm depth,it is almost the same speed.

3.) can only a mopa laser black marking on anodized aluminium?

For anodized aluminium,it depends on what effect you want.
If you need mark black color on anodized aluminium,then it must only MOPA can do it.
If you also need 0.1mm depth engraving,then MOPA and Raycus,IPG is the same.

4.) If in the video switch to 30W mopa laser are there the same result, time/speed edge/surface?

Almost the same,but maybe time is a little longer,one more 2minutes, cause MOPA is mainly for color marking,not for deep engraving.

5.) if u switch the lens in the video to 110x110mm is the speed is faster?  and how much.

Yes,of course.The speed will be faster.

Cause when the same laser power, the lens is larger,the laser energy will be expanded,then the laser power will be weaker.
If it is 110*110mm lens,then only engrave the letters,about 5minutes or less.

6.) what a laser can make a gray scale foto on aluminum / stainless steel?Raycus can mark foto on stainless steel,it is easy.