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3D fiber laser marking machine

3D fiber laser marking machine.

Last week,i got one 3D fiber laser marking machine order,and share something with you when you need the 3D machine.

3D fiber laser marking machine is special for marking on curved surface and plane surface.(2D machine just can mark on plane surface).
Cause it with dynamic focus system,that means,whatever the height level of the objects you want to mark,it will find the focus automatically.
And there was something interesting,i offer my customer a higher price,about 3times than other suppliers.

So what happened?Why the price has a big difference?

I offer my customer on ALibaba,its the real 3D machine price.But some suppliers just offer a usual 2D machine price.
And i tell him: «We can tell you ,and we can make sure that,they offer you is the usual 2D fiber laser marking machine.Cause our 2D machine is also cheaper,thats the 2D machine common price.»

So you can noticed that there are many suppliers do not tell the truth,just use the lower price to attract customers feedback.
Even some suppliers,mark their machine price is from USD 0 to USD 9999,so what the real price? Maybe you are confused,but thats the Chinese market.

3D fiber laser marking machine.

And when you need the 3D fiber laser marking machine,pls remember to send the supplier samples pictures,so that we can make sure the suitable solution.
Sharing you with one 3D testing video:

3D samples:
3D fiber laser marking machine
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