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Metal plate as one of the most important material for human society, metal process technology’s development means society’s development. In so long human history, except steel fiber laser cutting, how many metal cutting solution still be used now?

We all know fiber laser cutting machine as the most advanced steel cutting solution, steel fiber laser cutting have very wide application in all metal processing fields. Especially on thin steel cutting, fiber laser cutting machine large advantage.

Steel fiber laser cutting machine

1. Precision

Accuracy and repeatability are one of the foremost factors that is well-thought-out when it comes to special applications. Flexibility of Fiber Laser system acts as an important factor to reach the complex geometries even with best quality and at high speed. Of course, the CNC and the gantry of the cutting machine has a major role in providing stability during the operation; but Lasers has a niche in executing the cutting operation close to the procession of microns.

Laser systems are widely preferred for fabrication applications as the precision of the operation lies in the cutting mechanism – Laser.

2. Resolution

When it comes to the matter of micromachining, Lasers are preferred to be the apt solution due to its immense accuracy and finish achieved through the micron level machining. Lasers could achieve resolutions up to 1 micron.

Any sort of machining work or material processing which are done to a detail of micron, usually between 1 to 500 micrometres demand Lasers.

3. Non-contact Operation

Laser cutting is a non-contact type cutting operation – hence suited for varied applications involving thin materials. This aspect of Laser cutting operation does not deliver pressure or leave any impressions on / close to the operational area of the material.

4. Speed

High speed cutting operation is one of the best features of Laser cutting. Cutting applications ranging from metal fabrication to microstructures demands hi-speed operation for maximum productivity. Be it Ferrous or Non-Ferrous metals, Lasers offer best in class speed in the cutting operation.

Productivity is directly related to the speed and quality of the output. Quality of the Laser cutting operation could be well administered with the power of Laser and speed of operation. Hence making it the most chosen technology among other cutting mechanism.

5. Economical

Low cost of operation with very less consumables.

No tools involved.

Precise machining with no or very less post processing required.

Clean process.

Although steel fiber laser cutting have large advantage on thin metal cutting. Thick plate cutting is not suitable for fiber laser. For thick plate cutting, EDM, flame cutting, plasma cutting and water jet is better solution than fiber laser. So even fiber laser cutting technology have large development recently years, it can’t instead other cutting solution in short time.


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