The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine-Angelina

The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine

Nowadays, more and more Chinese manufacturer produce the fiber laser cutter machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine is popular among the metal processing market.

Many metal producer choose the fiber laser cutter to cut their material.

Besides, with the Chinese technology is becoming more and more mature, many foreigner customers choose us.

Among so many manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine.

Why so many customer choose our company in the end?

This passage will give some advantages of our XT LASER machine.

1.The advantages of fiber laser cutter machine

Fist of all, the thick plate welding machine body.

This type machine is our newly designed machine body, special in the market.

This type machine is heavy in weight, which could assure the cutting accuracy and cutting outcome.

fiber laser cutter machine

Secondly, it is the Manganese Steel Gantry.

We all know that the gantry is also an important parts of the whole machine.

Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry ,

but also has better flexibility and rigidity than Welding Tube Gantry.

Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.

The biggest advantages, the rate of deformation in Manganese Steel Gantry is only 1/3 to Welding Tube Gantry.

Thirdly, the water chiller, we all know that the water chiller plays a big role in the whole machine.

It is important to cooling the cutting head and laser source.

So the manufacturer must choose the best brand water chiller.

The Tongfei is especially for coiling the fiber laser equipment.

Nearly all of the professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutter machine use this chiller.

fiber laser cutter machine water chiller

Some other suppliers would like to use the CW or the Doluyo water chiller.

This two types chiller is mainly used in the co2 laser industry.

Therefore, the cooling outcome will not be as good as the tongfei brand.


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