Details of fiber laser cutting machine: Charry

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

Today,new customers have new questions for the fiber laser cutting machine.

So sharing with you for your reference:

1.For 0.25 to 1.75mm stainless steel,brass,aluminum,copper cutting
2.The size is 1.2*1.2m
3.For gas consumption

Firstly,for your cutting materials,all is high reflective material(reflect the laser from the material surface,is hard to absorb the laser)

The Nlight laser source is suitable for the materials,made in USA brand.

Its special for cutting high-reflective material. Cause inside of the Nlight laser source,there is one laser optical isolation,can avoid the laser reflect to the laser source to damage it.

Secondly,for your thickness, the maximum is 1.75mm,700w laser power can cut 1.5mm copper,2mm brass,3mm stainless steel,2.5mm aluminum.

According to our testing and experience,engineers suggest you to choose 1000w Nlight laser power.

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

Thirdly,for machine size,we have the model of 1.5*1.5m ,thats the most suitable for your size.
Attached the machine layout,you can check the 1515 model size.

This machine picture is 1515 model,this one will be sent to USA customer in next month,is on machine aging now.

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

And for fiber laser cutting machine,according to our testing,the limit cutting is not good for the machine using.
For example,5mm SS is the maximum cutting thickness of 1000w,if you need to cut a large quantity of 5mm SS,engineers suggest you choose 1500w.

So hope you take it into consideration.

And for most of our Middle East customers,they prefer to trust Germany brand,so they choose IPG laser source.
Attached the 1000w and 1500w IPG fiber laser cutting machine quotation list and specification.

Cause for Middle East customers,the higher temperature,then we will set one air conditioner on the machine control cabinet:

Details of fiber laser cutting machine

So if you are not sure,pls show us your specific needs.

Finally,if you have any questions,just tell us:


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