Aluminium marking with fiber laser marking machine-Angelina

Aluminium marking with fiber laser marking machine

More and more customers are in need of the fiber laser marking machine.

There are more and more applications of this fiber laser marker.

Yesterday i met with on customer asking for marking on the aluminium with our machine.

For the aluminium, there are many different types, such as raw aluminium, Aluminum oxide.

Some customers may feel confused that whether we could mark on those materials?

Whether what kind of aluminium they belong to, they are aluminium in basic.

So there is no problem for marking on them.

Different with other material , such as stainless steel, carbon steel, we could mark two colors on it.

With the fiber laser marking machine, we could mark white color on the aluminium.

However, we could achieve black color on the aluminium with the mopa laser marking machine.

Targeting to different requirements, the customer could choose the different laser source.

fiber laser marking machine

1.The difference of the mopa and fiber laser marking machine

The mopa laser marking machine is mainly for color marking on the stainless steel and black marking on the aluminium.

For those customers who have special requirements for marking, we introduce the mopa laser source.

If the customer just need common marking, then the fiber laser marking machine is enough.

For these two type machine, there difference only lies on the laser source.

One for mopa and another for Raycus or IPG.

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