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Fiber Laser Marking Systems

XT Laser Marking Systems offer state-of-the-art technology with the highest laser beam

quality and 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. High precision markings

are achievable on almost any type of material including gold, platinum, silver, brass,

stainless steel, carbide, copper, titanium and aluminum,  a wide variety of medical-grade alloys and plastics.

XT Laser Marking Systems come in multiple configurations and can be purchase as an

integration, open or turnkey system depending on your application. Our turnkey solutions

are ideal for a wide range of applications including flat surfaces, advanced integrated XYZ

motion for step-and-repeat laser marking or coordinated rotary motion for seamlessly marking

around a circumference.

New Features

We will add new features and enhancements to our XT LASER product line :

Ergonomic Handles – two handles on each side of the chamber to help lift and transport the marking machine

Automatic Door Option – one touch, air-driven system, quiet and smooth

push-button control that gives you the ability to run a cycle of marking with the door

automatically opening and closing the marking process

LED Light Bar – adjustment pod included to control illumination. The light bar can be positione anywhere within the laser marking chamber

Motorized Z Capability – can be control through the software or via an automatic

jog control on the front door of the system. This allows the operator to fine-tune the adjustment of the setup procedures

New Accessories in future development

Auto Focus Sensor – eliminates the need to jog the laser rail for different shape or size applications

Auto Camera – exports marking field images to a monitor for inspection or training purposes

In line Coaxial Camera – takes the marking image and projects it on

the software for image positioning or text layout purposes

Multi-Axis Motion and Rotary Devices – compatible with these systems for perfect positioning of your mark onto your application


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