Applications of metal cutting machine:Charry

Applications of metal cutting machine

Applications of metal cutting machine

Applications of metal cutting machine
Brass fiber laser cutter

Metal laser cutting machine applications are very extensive, include many industries.And it is one of the must-have equipment for many companies.Including advertising signage (these are mainly stainless steel LOGO and logo cutting), sheet metal processing. Basically, Cutting is one of the most important processes.

The production of chassis cabinets (in this regard, carbon steel or stainless steel is generally used). Bending & Cutting Processes, Spring Plates ,Subway Parts, Elevator Housing Manufacturing. Mechanical Equipment Housings, and Kitchen Kitchenware (Stainless Steel). Beyond Lasers The laser cutting machine setup was also in the production of the spacecraft.Which actually involved various aspects.

Widely in sheet metal processing, advertising sign making, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils. Automobiles, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, eye wear industry. Spring sheet, circuit board, electric kettle, medical micro Electronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

The application of laser processing technology in the advertising industry mainly includes laser cutting and laser engraving.
Laser engraving: mainly on the surface of the object, divid into bitmap engraving and vector engraving.

Applications of metal cutting machine

Bitmap Engraving:

We first screened the graphics that we needed to engrave in PHOTOSHOP and converted it into a monochrome BMP format, and then opened the graphics file in dedicated laser engraving and cutting software. According to the material we are processing, we can set the appropriate parameters, and then click to run. The laser engraving machine will carry out engraving according to the lattice effect produced by the graphics file.

Vector Engraving:

Use vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Illustrator and other typesetting designs. And export the graphics to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, then open the graphics file with special laser cutting and engraving software. And send it to laser engraving. Machine processing.

In the advertising industry, it is mainly applied to the processing of wood, two-color board, plexiglass, colored paper and other materials.
Laser cutting: We can understand it as the separation of the edges. For such processing purposes, we should first make the graphics in the form of vector lines in CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, pneumatic marking machine, and then save the corresponding PLT, DXF format, open the file with the laser cutting machine operating software, according to our The processed material can be set and operated by setting parameters such as energy and speed.

After receiving instructions from the computer, the laser cutting machine automatically cuts according to the flight path generated by the software. Such as: the existing laser cutting machine, can draw a good template according to the computer, and then directly enter the computer, automatically cutting graphics. Existing laser cutting machines generally have their own hard disks and can input massive data sources.

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