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Why does a fiber laser cutting machine have a height adjuster

When the fiber laser cutting machine is in use, the cutting head will walk according to the set cutting trajectory. But in the case of different materials, different thicknesses, and different cutting modes. The height of the laser cutting head needs to adjusted and controlled. Why does a fiber laser cutting machine have a height adjuster?

The distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the cutting workpiece is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the cutting and the cutting speed.

In addition to selecting the appropriate cutting nozzle type and pressure parameters. According to the cutting conditions, the fiber laser cutting machine also has a height between the cutting head and the steel plate. Need to increase or decrease according to the thickness of the cutting material. Different thicknesses of steel plate, use different parameters, while the cutting nozzle should adjust the height.

During the use of the fiber laser cutting machine, in order to ensure a high-quality incision.

The height of the cutting nozzle to the surface of the cut workpiece must kept substantially the same. Because the speed of the laser cutting machine is fast. The operator can see with his eyes. And the operation mode adjusted by hand cannot accurately controlled. And the reaction speed is definitely unreachable.

In particular, it is very important to maintain the cutting height stability. When the cutting thin plate or the surface of the material textured. The flatness is not high or the cutting processing environment limited.
In order to make up for the inaccurate problem of manually adjusting the cutting height control. The current fiber laser cutting machine will equipped with an import follower capacitor height adjuster. No matter how thick the plate is cut, the height of the follower cutting head can kept the same.
The principle of adjusting the capacitance is: the capacitance between the capacitance sensing ring and the steel plate to be cut forms a capacitance between the two plates. And the size of the capacitor is related to the distance between the two.

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