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Bird Rings Fiber Laser Marking

Recently we got many inquiries about bird rings laser marking.

Before they use ink printing machine, but which is fade with time going.

So they turn to fiber laser marking machine to bird rings engraving, which is permanent marking.

bird rings laser marking
bird rings laser marking

Bird rings laser marking software

For bird rings laser marking, usually 20w fiber laser marking machine with a 80mm rotary device, as above photo show.

The rotary device is for circle round marking on bird rings, both metal and plastic.

Below samples for bird rings laser marking:


bird rings laser marking
bird rings laser marking


For bird rings laser marking machine, we use EzCad software, from Beijng, which is also famous in overseas market.

After machine powered on, open the marking software, chose the Rotate TextMark, as below:

Bird Rings Laser Marking
Bird Rings Laser Marking

Then we will get:

For Dia we set according to the bird rings diameters.

Bird rings laser marking operation

Here is a videos for bird rings laser marking operation:


From the video you can see there is a ring holder, which can be designed to different models according to the rings diameters. Which can help to mark bird rings dozens one time.

Fiber bird rings laser marking machine, integration structure, compact, saving space, air cool, easy to handle and maintain no optical pollution, no power coupling losses, low energy consumption, high efficiency and reliability

Excellent beam quality

The medium is Yb-doped double-clad fiber, long resonant cavity.M2: 1.2, Spot diameter could be 20 microns.Good marking effectiveness on variety material such as metal, ceramic, PCB,plastic with coating and glass. Long life time
Pump source: 915nm laser diode working time is four times than traditional, diode pump source 808nm laser diode, 100,000hours.

Small size, no effect in harsh environment

Fiber soft and Laser design compact and flexible, compact structure and small size. Surface area/volume ratio high, good cooling effect. No need water cooling system and air cool. Good working condition under harsh environment
such as high impact, high vibration, high temperature and dust.

Free maintenance

No maintenance, ophthalmic lens no need adjust or clean.


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