Important Parts of Fiber Laser Machines-Tulsa

Important Parts of Fiber Laser Machines-Tulsa

This is began of one year, everyone and company are prepare to be better.

As a laser industry new comer, how to learn fiber laser machines fastly?

Let us introduce the most important parts of it.

1. Laser source

Indeed, laser sourse is the best important in fiber laser machine.

Laser source is the laser product place, if it broken laser machine can not work.

So laser source price is expensive and need to protect.

As we talked before, laser source’s lifetime is 100,000 hours, a long time.

But it is very easy to weak, becaude the use question and other questions.

So choose a good laser source is very important for you and your products.

Because a good laser source will save time and cost for you at a long time.

2.Machine bed

Machine bed is the most important to keep machine stable and work well.

For example, we always use plate welding bed because of it ie stable.

If your fiber laser machines have no a good bed, it will rocking when it works.

So that it will influences your production quality, for example, edge not smooth.

Then you will find a good machine bed is important and useful.








3. Beam

A good beam is very important for keep you machine work fast and good.

As you know, we always use manganese steel beams.

Because is it not heavy and very strong.

Weight not heavy can make your machine work fast, strong will make your machine works stable.

So a good beam is very useful to make your machine work well.

Otherwise pay attention when you choose supplier.


Ok, here’s any questions about how to choose a good laser machine and importance of their.

We will share other parts and their advantage with you.

Just wait, and share. Thank you.
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