Brass fiber laser cutting:Charry

Brass fiber laser cutting

Brass fiber laser cutting.

The metal laser cutting machine can cut various of materials.And the application in the cutting of copper products has gradually promoted in recent years. For the cutting of copper products, many workers have many problems for the specific operation and adjustment of the metal laser cutting machine. Cutting is not just the use of machine cutting, but also some experience problems. Let us introduce you specifically. How to cut brass material with a metal laser cutting machine.

High-reflective metal materials is always difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines.Including copper, aluminum, gold and other metal materials. These materials are also common materials in our daily processing. Solving metal laser cutting machine cutting high-reflection materials is more important.Nowadays, many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers are thinking about the solution.

When cutting a highly reflective metal material requires the addition of an auxiliary gas.When the laser cutter cuts the metal copper, the add auxiliary gas reacts with the material at a high temperature condition to increase the cutting speed.For example, oxygen can be to achieve the combustion-supporting effect. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas for improving the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment. For copper materials below 6MM, metal laser cutting machine can cut it completely.

Therefore, when using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether it can cut it off or not. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the processing effect.So it is best to use nitrogen as the auxiliary gas. When the thickness of the metallic copper reaches 2 MM, it cannot cut it with nitrogen. At this time, need add some oxygen.To oxidized the brass,then we can cut it.

Brass fiber laser cutting video:

If you need to cut carbon steel,stainless steel and brass,then tell us the different material thickness.

Cause brass is hard to cut.If the same thickness,like 3mm.3mm carbon steel,500w is enough.But for brass,1000w is okay.

If you only need to cut brass,then we need to think about nLIGHT laser source.

It is more stable to cut brass,aluminum,etc.

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