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High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine be used in Medium sheet cutting industry, and has good effects. Recently, more and more cutting processes require high precision, so High precision cutting is developing better and better.

High precision cutting machine don’t require large working area, 600*600 is normal,or even small.

The high precision cutting machine as below.

High precision cutting machine


Click here, check the machine video on Youtube.

XTC-FL6060 made these products.

XTC-FL6060  uses linear motor, therefore this is the main reason for high precision.

Without mechanical contact, the transmission force  generate in the air gap, and there is no friction other than the linear motor guide rail.

Simple structure, small size, our linear drive achieve minimum number of parts, and this is just a moving part.

Therefore, it has high precision for cutting.

XT-laser focus on precision cutting, welcome to visit our factory!

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