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 can do deep engraving if adjust MOPA Laser pulse width to Q-switched laser?

Some people asked:» if i can do deep engraving if i adjust MOPA Laser pulse width to Q-switched laser ?»

Here mentioned another information, MOPA laser pulse width range from 2-200ns, Raycus/IPG laser pulse width is fixed, but range from 100-150ns. So if i adjust MOPA laser pulse width to 100ns, so it will be a Q-switched laser, how smart! 🙂 Yes, in theory, it indeed will work, also my technician said yes, it is. But according to my observation, it is not like we image, when we adjust to 100-150ns, the laser beam still not stronger compare with one standard Raycus/IPG laser. So if you need deep engraving, i suggest you to choose standard Raycus/IPG laser.

Hope until now, you already got all info. you need and thank you so much to read here with patience.

Regarding to MOPA laser, we use JPT brand China. JPT also has Q-switched laser source, but we use very less, here i don’t comment their Q-switched laser source. But their MOPA series is not bad. We sell a lot, problem feedback is 0 until now. JPT brand MOPA series has M1 and M6.

We know  M1 pulse width 6-200ns; M6 pulse width 2-200ns.
For sure, M6 price is more expensive than M1. The difference is M6 speed on marking black color on anodized Aluminum more faster, marking colors on SS is more fresher.
You can choose according to your need.
For now, JPT brand MOPA series has 20w and 30w only.

Kind reminder: If you want MOPA laser, pls directly ask MOPA laser for suppliers, do not only mentioned Raycus/IPG/JPT brand, because if you only ask brand, they will quote you Q-switched laser source.

Hope above info. will help you.

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