How Does the Machine Power Affect Cutting Ability—Tony

How Does the Machine Power Affect Cutting Ability?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

As people know, the laser power related to the machine’s cutting ability. And the fiber laser cutting machine is occupying the metal cutting  market gradually.  By contrast, the fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantage that CNC machines doesn’t have. For example,  the material is not deformed.  high flexibility, small cutting slot, smooth section without burrs, to cut any complex graphics workpiece. But how to select a correct machine for personal use?

The big factor affect the machine is laser power. The photoelectric conversion rate is around 30%. The fiber laser has highest photoelectric conversion rate.

I will give you guys few examples to better understanding it.

Cutting Ability

For 500W laser cutting machine and 1000W laser cutting machine.  Both of them could cut 6mm carbon steel. But the ultimate thickness for carbon steel is 6mm. For 1000W, the cutting ability could reach to 12mm. And 500W cutting machine, its speed is slower than 1000W machine.When they cut 6 mm carbon steel, Its speed can only reach to a half of the speed of 1000W. We keep use 6mm carbon steel sheet as an example. The speed of 500W is reach to average 0.75m/min. But the speed of 1000W works on 6mm carbon steel. The average speed reach to 1.5 m/min. If you think the speed gap is not a big deal on carbon steel.  But for the stainless steel, brass or aluminum. The gap is very clear to see.

So to choose a power of machine, customers need to consider these following factors: ultimate thickness, cutting speed, and budget. Because if you upgrade a level of laser power, cost to buy a machine will follow the growth.

As a wise customer, what is your budget? how is the thickness you most to cut? When is the due day for your project? How fast you want the machine is? Only the customer weigh all of factors. Then you will get your own answer in your mind.