Can not find dongle! marking machine dongle!Software will work at demo state?-Jill

Can not find marking machine dongle! Software will work at demo state?

Here we would like to share some info about the fiber laser marking machine dongle and demo problems.As we know,no dongle,ezcad stay at demo state.So this can influence the usual machine using.We teach u how to check it by urself here.


Firstly,after cut down the power for whole device, pulled down the main plug, after 5 minutes restart device.


Secondly,Computer USB port power supply shortage: Replace USB port reinsert USB cable.

3.USB line problem

maybe the line is loose, need to re-insert it

4.Software damage:

delete the original software, copy a new software to install.

5. compatible problem

Computer and board software is not compatible.

If control board is original, it can support win7/8/10.So for original, we can ignore this.


We also have many customers who want to use their own computer.Or sometimes after change a new computer, how to install driver by self?

 install driver steps

1.First,copy of the software to the computer’s hard disk, we generally choose E disk or F disk

2.Second,click on my computer, right click and select Properties

3.Third,After open the properties, select the hardware and open the device manager

4.Fourth,You can see a yellow question mark to install the driver indiction, the name is USB Device. Right click and select Update Driver

5.Fifth,Select install from a list or specified location, and to search the location of the browse

6.Sixth,After installing the hardware driver, will automatically pop up a hardware installation tips, this does not need to choose the path, you can directly click the next installation.

7.Seventh,After installation, you can see the hardware driver as shown in the device manager, this means that the software driver is already installed

8.then, in the copy to the F disk or E disk marking software, find the operation Icon

9.Eight,double click the icon,apppear agreement clause, click agree you can enter the operating interface

10.Nine,Create a shortcut on your desktop.


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