The difference between cnc punching and cutting machine-Jill

The difference between cnc punching and cutting machine

1. structures

Firstly.Compare with cnc punching, fiber laser cutting machine can complete a variety of complex structures. as long as we can draw any image  on the computer, the machine can finish the processing.
According to our experience, cnc punching machine mould is expensive.But for fiber laser cutting machine, no need to open the mold.We can make the figure on the computer, and we can cut out the product directly.That can quickly develop new products, but also cost savings, complex process requirements.
cnc punching difficult to achieve. But fiber laser cutting machine can do it.

2.cutting result

Secondly.In addition, For cnc punching machine, if cut whole plate, the result is not very good.It needs to arrange worker to polish again.
fiber laser cutting machine cutting the surface is very smooth. cnc punching machine is difficult to achieve.

3.hole cutting

Thirdly.But fiber laser cannot cut semi-hole(not cut whole hole off) .But  punching machine can cut semi-hole, just like fish scale. And punching machine punch very small hole.Speed also is faster than fiber laser.

AMADA is a very famous company in the world. Punching machine and fiber laser all has their own advantages, to be honest with you, fiber laser cannot instead of punching machine completely. But if you can combine those 2 types machine together, you must save a lot of cost !

4. Environmental protection point of view


① Fiber laser cutting machine noise. Fiber laser cutting machine noise is less than 75db, while the traditional noise of sheet metal processing equipment are more than 90db, studies have shown that long-term life in the 90db noise environment, will seriously affect the hearing and cause neurasthenia, headache, high blood pressure and other diseases .

②Laser cutting machine equipment less oil pollution.
Laser cutting machine due to the precision, And the auxiliary gas is Nitrogen or Oxygen, So it is basically to avoid serious oil pollution. Therefore, the emergence of fiber laser cutting machine for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society has made a significant contribution.

③ Laser processing waste less