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How to make full use of fiber laser marking machine

How to make full use of fiber laser marking machine?

Many printing machine suppliers has entered into the fiber laser marking machine field.

Cause many suppliers told them,there will be more profit of fiber laser marking machine.

So many suppliers quit their own career,like the ink jet,the digital printing machine and others.

But its right to have only the fiber laser marking machine?

As a machine factory,i do not agree with them.

Sharing the comparison between the fiber laser marking and printing machine:

fiber laser marking machine:

Firstly, Marking information directly mark on the product surface or internal.

Secondly, Clear and permanent mark,can not be erased and changed, anti-counterfeiting effect.

Thirdly,Print on all kinds of metals and special non-metals. Stable and reliable performance.Almost no maintenance work.


Finally, Operating costs are very low, without any consumables, zero operating costs.

Non-contact marking, no pollution, no harmful substances.

Digital printing machine:

Firstly,Printing effect is clear but easy to erase and change. General anti-counterfeiting effect is limited.

Secondly,Can print many different color patterns on non-metals.

Finally, Failure rate is relatively high. Due to environmental temperature and humidity and dust changes,

the nozzle is easily to be blocked.

And,Consumption of a large number of special inks and solvents. The spare parts cost is higher.

How to chase profit of fiber laser marking machine?

After the comparison,to work with both kinds machine,its better to occupy the market.
We think that you should take the both kinds of machine to enlarge your market and business scope.

Cause the market need both kinds of the printing machine,can not instead of each other absolutely.

Take the advantages of each,thats the best solution.

Sharing one marking videos of machine:

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