Chinese cnc laser metal cutting machine’s advantages – Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients show their interests in the metal laser cutting machine’s advantages. Today, we are going to share the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in Chinese market.

CNC laser metal cutting machine’s advantages

1. High cutting precision: cnc laser metal cutting machine’s positioning accuracy can be 0.05mm. Repeating positioning accuracy can be 0.03mm;

2. Narrow cutting gap of cnc laser metal cutting machine: laser beam can be focused into the small light pot. The focus point can be reached into  high power density. It can melt the cutting materials quickly, and the evaporation hole will be formed. With the relative movement of laser beam and materials, the hole will has the quite narrow cutting gap. The cutting width is the 0.10-0.20mm.

3. Smooth cutting edge of cnc laser metal cutting machine. These is no rough edge, and the cutting roughness is within Ra6.5.

4. High cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine: The cutting speed can reach 10m/min. The biggest re-positioning speed can be 30m/min. It is fater than line cutting.

5. High quality of cnc laser metal cutting machine: zero contacting, the cutting edge has narrow cutting effects. So there is no heat deformation. The cutting gap is no need to second time processing.

6. No harm for the processing piece: There is flexible tooing is good. It can cut any images, and can cut any plate materials and others.

7. Without reflecting of cutting size: The cutting head will not contact the materials surface. It will not hurt the cutting piece.

8. Saving the mould investment: Fiber laser processing is no need the mould, and without the mould consumption. Then it can save the mould changing time. And it will save the processing cost. It will be convenient for the big product processing.

 cnc laser metal cutting machine