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Fiber laser marker for precious metal processing

We all know that the fiber laser marker mainly mark on the metal.

However, the high power fiber laser marking machine also has the function to cutting.

For some customers who own a small shop maybe have no big budget for the machine.

Then they ask for the fiber laser marking machine to do their work.

This phenomenon is common in precious metal industry.

Such as the gold, silver, brass etc.

They often ask fort he high power, for example 50w and 100w fiber laser marker to cut their products.

Although comparing to those fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber laser marking machine cutting ability is a little weak.

It can still process the metal.

Here share some cutting samples we cut before for customer:

gold cutting sample

Most of the customer ask for the silver and the gold cutting.

For this requirements, we often introduce the 30w fiber laser marker to the customers with a small budget.

Bu the 30w machine speed would be a little lower than the 50w.

if the customer budget is enough , we advise the 50w.

Then it may help save much time for the customer.

For the gold and silver cutting, we usually advise the Ipg laser source rather than the Raycus.

In terms of the metal cutting, the IPG has more advantages than the Raycus.

That is cause the IPG  laser source is more advantageous than the Racyus for long-time processing.

gold cutting samples

Besides, some of the customers would like to process their products successively.

They want to improve the working efficiency.

Then we design the special equipment for them:

special equipment for the gold cutting

This equipment could help the customer process the products all the time.

Their working principle is mark-stop-mark-stop.

This equipment is controlled by the software.

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