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how to choose aluminum cutting machine

We have met so many customers who want to cut aluminum.But they always know little about nLIGHT.Cause many supplies tell them IPG can cut well.Here we would like to tell u more about how to choose aluminum cutting machine.

1.How to choose laser source

if cut aluminum,u should choose nLIGHT laser source.Raycus and IPG is not the right choice.

Here is the reason:
For the fiber laser cutting machine, there are total 3 types :Raycus,IPG &nLIGHT.
please check this video of introducing nLIGHT laser source

nLIGHT , Raycus, IPG , are three popular band laser source in market,
Raycus and IPG are for normal metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel.etc, not high reflective metal.
But some clients want to cut some high reflective metals, such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
If use Raycus or IPG to cut high reflective metal, laser source will alarm, and do harm to laser source and cutting head, because laser beam will return back to laser generator.

But nLIGHT laser source,American brand, it has Back-reflection isolation, so it can not only cut carbon steel, stainless steel , galvanized sheet .etc, not high reflective metal, and  high reflective metals, such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.

For Raycus&IPG laser source, they are two common laser source in the market.
Raycus is from China, the best brand in China, it is high price performance ratio.
Nowadays more and more customer from different countries has acknowledged the position pf Raycus in the worldwide.
However, there are some customer who prefer the IPG laser source, such as India&Germany customer.
For india customer, it is because that there are point of sale in local market,it would be more convenient for them.
But for Germany customer, it is because the IPG laser source is from Germany ,it has wide acknowledgement in Germany market, then they like the IPG laser source.

For aluminum cutting machine,nLIGHT is the best choice.


2.How to choose watt

As for the cutting ability

1000w nLIGHT can cut max  aluminum :3mm

1500w nLIGHT can cut max  aluminum :5mm

2kw can cut max aluminum:8mm

3kw can cut max alu 12mm

Note:nLIGHT can also cut stainless steel,carbon steel,do not worry.

The advantage of nLIGHT is that it can cut high-reflective metal.


3.How to choose laser head

Raytools is the best and most popular in the market now.

If watt is above 1500w,we suggest autofocus Raytools.


4.Water chiller

There is Tongfei,S&A

Tongfei is the best.We suggest Tongfei.

S&A is for CO2 machine.


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