How to choose the auxiliary gases when use fiber laser cutting machine-Jill

 How to choose the  auxiliary gases when use fiber laser cutting machine

When cut metal with fiber laser cutting machine, we often use four kinds of auxiliary gases .they are  oxygen, nitrogen, air and argon. Below we will introduce characteristics of different auxiliary gases for your reference.


In general, we use oxygen to cut carbon steel or mild steel .(O2 for cs and ms)

And we use the nitrogen to cut aluminum, brass, stainless steel.(N2 for ss and alu)

Nitrogen price is far higher than oxygen.

When cut stainless steel, if use oxygen, the cutting surface will be a little black.

nitrogen cut 4mm ss
air cut 4mm ss(black cutting surface)
air cut 4mm ss(black)

If the stainless steel cutting thickness is lower than 3mm, we can use compressed air.

Detailed Description


We can use the air compressor to supply the air directly. So compared with other gases, it is very cheap. there is about 20% oxygen in the air,. Although that, the cutting efficiency is far less than that of oxygen. And the cutting ability is similar to that of nitrogen. A trace oxide film appears on the cut surface. But we can see it as a measure to prevent the application layer from falling off. What’s more, the end of the incision is yellow. We often use air to cut some material. such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, plated steel, non-metal, etc.


If use oxygen to cut some metal, the cutting surface can form an oxide film. If cut with nitrogen, we can directly weld and smear. it is with strong corrosion resistance. And the cutting surface is whitish.

The main applicable plates are stainless steel, plated steel, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.


We often use oxygen to cut carbon steel or mild steel. We use oxygen reaction heat to increase the cutting efficiency, And the oxide film increase the absorption factor of the reflective material. the main material is the following. Carbon steel, the plated steel plate, Copper, copper alloy, etc.


Argon is an inert gas. We use argon to prevent oxidation and nitrating. we also use it in the welding work. Compared with other processing, the argon price is high. So It increase the cost. As for argon, the cutting surface is whitish.

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