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Choose a suitable laser machine size, power and laser source

First, choose suitable laser cutting machine size

When you have the cutting requirment. First thing to confirm is your cutting area. Then choose a suitable size. ususlly we have 1500mm*3000mm. 1300mm*2500mm size. Also can do 1500mm*1500mm,2000mm*4000mm,2000mm*6000mm size.

If you also cut pipe. we need to know how long is the pipe. We have 3m and 6m model on option. And also the min and max diameter of the pipe. So we can confirm which pipe claw you can use.

Normally the pipe diameter we can cut is within 210mm. For both pipe and plate cutting machine.

Second, choose suitable fiber laser cutting machine laser  power

Second is cutting  materials. Also need the max and main thickness of each material.  Then choose a suitable power for the thickness. We don’t suggest to cut the max thickness of the power limit.

For example, if 1000w fiber laser can cut 5mm ss max. We suggest your main cutting thickness to be within 4mm. Sometimes cut 5mm ss is ok. Because ususlly cut 5mm  with 1000w will shorten the laser lifetime.

For pipe cutting, we need to know if the pipe is seamless or welded pipe. Because welded pipe is not easy to cut, need to add power.

Third, choose suitable fiber laser cutting machine laser source

After we know what material you cut. we will know which kind of laser source is suitable .  There are IPG , Raycus, N-Light laser source in market now.

Mainly for stainless steel and carbon steel. IPG and Raycus laser source are enough. But for brass and aluminum, N-Light laser source is suitable. Because aluminum and brass are high reflective materials. If cutting with IPG or Raycus laser source. It will do great harm to the laser source. N-Light is especially for high reflective material cutting work.

After we confirmed all of these cutting requirments.  We confirm the fiber laser cutting machine size, laser power, laser source. We can confirm which fiber laser cutting machine model we need.Then you will get a good solution for your work.

pipe and plate cutting machine in workshop
pipe and plate cutting machine in workshop